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ReAgent has been a packing company since 1977, handling and distributing a wide range of substances from toxic and flammable solutions to non-hazardous materials. As a company that manufactures and blends chemicals, we are committed to ensure all of our products receive the care and protection required by packing them into suitable containers through our secure systems.

All packaging we provide is compliant with the prevailing UK regulations regarding shipping. The materials we use for packing are guaranteed to perform in key areas like product integrity, customer safety, and convenience. This, alongside our many services and ISO accreditations, make us one of the leading UK packing companies.

The Right Package for the Job

We can accommodate packing jobs from 1L, when packing into small containers and ampoules, all the way up to multi-ton scale for jerricans and drums.

We supply various packaging materials to suit every product, including:

  • Glass ampoules (Clear or amber glass catering for volumes between 1ml and 20ml)
  • Flexible barrier film pouches (Supplied with or without bottom gussetts/ spouts)
  • Glass bottles (Amber glass in sizes from 50ml up to 2.5L)
  • HDPE bottles and jerricans (UN-approved; combination packages; stackable)
  • 200L drums in steel, HDPE or, where required, steel/HDPE
  • Industrial Bulk Containers (IBCs) in black and natural and UN-approved
  • Road tankers up to 25,000L
  • Kit assembly

Having a range of packing options at our disposal allows us to pack anything from dangerous goods, corrosive chemicals, or toxic solutions to non-hazardous substances and environmentally sensitive formulas. We recognise that every product has its own set of unique requirements and ensure that, as a packing company, we are able to meet and adapt to any specific properties.

Chemicals like Silver Nitrate, for example, are sensitive to light and so are usually packed in opaque HDPE or amber glass bottles. Other chemicals, like Hydrogen Peroxide, require special venting caps to prevent excessive pressure build-up inside the packaging. Meanwhile, moisture sensitive products like inert gases will undergo purging of their containers.

Industries Served

We pack products for a number of UK and international industries, including bulk chemical manufacturers, fine chemical manufacturers, analytical chemical suppliers and retail companies.

We’ve also manufactured and assembled testing kits for a variety of processes such as detergent levels, water hardness, purity of gold, lead in air, and for the MOD for the detection of hazardous vapours.

Package Safety

Using the correct packing has a huge impact on safety when handling chemical products. We protect all glass bottled products with a plastic coating so that the product will be retained should the glass break.

We also use UN-approved packaging to indicate a product’s weight at a given packing group, as well as carry out strict testing procedures, such as drop testing, to ensure that packaging does not rupture or leak upon impact.

Even when packing non-hazardous products, it is essential that the container and cap are compatible, both with each other and with their contents. We often recommend carrying out a trial fill before undertaking a larger run.

Quality Guaranteed

All packing operations are carried out in accordance with our ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 quality systems. We have full traceability, from receipt of products and packaging right through to delivery to the customer or end user.

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