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Leading UK Sachet Packers

Our sachet packaging facility is filled with several features that enable us to manufacture and deliver your product quickly and efficiently.

As leading UK sachet packers and chemical manufacturers, with the ability to handle a range of substances with no limit on quantity, our sachet packing is fast, flexible and accurate.

Flexible & Practical Packing Services

Sachets are a versatile packaging type with a whole host of potential applications. As well as a convenient way to deliver small quantities of products to end users, they are also cost-effective to product and easy to pack for shipping.

Some common uses for sachets are:

  • Product Trials: When both time and money are a factor, sachets provide the perfect packaging solution for trialling and testing a product
  • Single-Use Products: When a product is designed for one use only, sachets provide a disposable and controlled way of delivering it to consumers
  • Sampling: Sachet packing offers the perfect form factor for sending a product sample to prospective and existing customers, as well as for generating new business leads

Sachet Packing Tailored to You

At ReAgent, we aim to fully tailor our sachet packing services to your needs. Whether you want a custom design, a specific laminate type, or to fulfil particular sachet measurements, our expert sachet packers can help.

Our services include:

  • Built-in printing: your logo, the batch number and manufacture dates are printed on every sachet using our single-colour printer
  • Faster output rate: outputting one sachet per second, we can produce 27,000 sachets per working day, and get them to you within 24 hours
  • Wide range of substances: we can handle any non-flammable substance that’s compatible with stainless steel
  • Choice of laminates: we provide a range of laminate options, include PET/PE, Polyester/PE/Foil/PE, Tyvek, and water soluble films
  • Flexible quantities: our minimum order quantity is around 1,000 with no maximum to ensure that our capacity is shaped entirely by your needs
  • Variable volumes: our sachets can be tailored to hold anywhere between 0-100ml or 0-100g of product
  • Configurable dimensions: we offer sachets of 30mm, 50mm and 100mm in width and from 30mm to 100mm in length, regardless of the laminate being used
  • Heat sealed: each sachet is hermetically sealed to guarantee preservation and freshness
  • Made in the UK: all of our sachet jobs are manufactured, packed and shipped from our Cheshire-based facility in the UK

Packing, Delivery & Export

Part of our contract packing service is our ability to ship orders locally, nationally and internationally using in-house and contracted ADR courier. We can even ship orders directly to your customers if needed, along with your own branded paperwork. This helps to streamline the order fulfilment process and enables you to enjoy further cost savings.

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Why choose ReAgent?

No minimum or maximum order quantities
We’re available for full scale manufacture jobs in excess of a million units as well as small prototype runs or samples.
100% manufactured in Great Britain
Our facility is located in the heart of Cheshire and it’s from here that we fulfil all orders we receive.
ISO accredited management systems
We’re both ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 accredited meaning both the quality and environmental credentials of our work are of certifiably high standards.
First class customer service
We take extreme care and immense pride in offering what we believe to be one of the best customer support services in our industry.

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